You need not sweat trying to register . IC-BANK lifts the whole load off your shoulders. we take care of your registration internally.All you need do is provide us with the requested credentials.

Our certificates are authentic. We are the original producers of the certificates. The different is in your means of earning it, through the front door by sitting for the exam or through the back door by purchasing it without exam.

We are in partnership with certificate associated with project management (CAPM) SO yes we carter for your 35pdu.

Yes we recommend our clients to a good number of companies and institutes around the world.

Our fastest medium is 48 hours and you get your certificate delivered.

Contact us for more intimacy.

Yes your certificate can be renewed with us. A discount of 30% is provided for certificates that were previously obtained from us.

We ship and deliver certifates to our clients within 2-15 days, depending on your location and prefered shipping method. We mail your tracking number so you can track your package all the way until it reaches you.