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BUY VERIFIABLE PMP ONLINE – PMP is the most prestigious and well-known certification in project management around the world. There are several ways and resources for PMP certification. However, the most affordable and convenient way to prepare is PMP online certification preparation. Especially, if you are a full-time working professional, it will be tough to find enough time for PMP certification. You can prepare and get your PMP certification 100% online even if you have a busy schedule in your work or daily life!

There are five steps of earning your PMP certification online.

  1. PMP online certification application
  2. Online PMP certification study
  3. Online PMP certification training
  4. Taking PMP exam
  5. Online PMP certification renewal

We will go over each step of PMP online certification step-by-step in this post. Before diving into details of PMP online certification, let us go through the fundamentals of what PMP certification is and PMP certification requirements.

What is PMP?

BUY VERIFIABLE PMP ONLINE – PMP is the acronym for Project Management Professional, and PMP credential is offered by the Project Management Institute, USA. PMP is the most coveted credential for a project manager and recognized all over the world. Being a PMP has many perks but getting there is not easy either.

How can you be PMP Certified?

There are a few prerequisites for applying for the PMP certification:

  • If you are having a master’s degree or a 4 year under graduation (10+2+4), you need to have 4500 hours of experience managing projects. If you don’t have this level of education background, you need to have 7500 hours of project experience.
  • Plus, you need 35 contact hours of formal project management education

You can read more about PMP certification requirements.

Step #1: Online PMP Certification Application

BUY VERIFIABLE PMP ONLINE – Once you meet the PMP certification requirements, you can apply to sit for PMP certification. There are three methods for applying PMP certification.

Online PMP Certification Application

This is the most convenient and fastest method for PMP certification application. PMI also recommends to apply for PMP certification through this method. You create your profile through website of PMI ( and then submit your education background, project experience, project management education details and other information step-by-step.

PMI reviews your online application in five business days and you will be notified through email whether you are eligible to sit for PMP exam. PMI selects PMP applications randomly and some applications are audited. In this case, you might need to submit evidence documents regarding your PMP application.

You can see our online PMP application steps post for step-by-step online PMP certification application.

Watch our “Can I prepare for PMP online?” video

Paper PMP Certification Application

In this method, you download the PMP application form from PMI website and fill in your PMP application details on the application form. Then, you should send the paper documents to PMI mail address. Paper PMP application takes at least 20 business days. In case of any missing document or change request, you must have to resend documents via mail.

PMP Certification Application Through Training Provider

Your training provider can apply PMP certification on behalf of you with other PMP candidates in the training program. This method also takes time since there will be lots of PMP candidate forms to be coordinated by the training provider and this will also go through mailing.

Considering all these aspects of three PMP application methods, PMP online certification application is the most convenient and fasted process.

Step #2: Online PMP Certification Study

Second step of getting PMP certification online is, preparing a PMP study guide. You may go for online PMP preparation if you are comfortable with soft copies, videos, online discussions and want to stay connected. There are many websites that provide free PMP resources and paid resources to help you prepare. 

online PMP certification

Firstly, come up with a PMP study plan, your own project plan for online PMP certification. Estimate the time and cost for the PMP certification. Create a schedule that includes all the activities in your PMP online certification journey. Reading PMBoK, going through the online sessions, taking tests, correcting errors, clarifying concepts, revision etc. These are the activities that will be in your PMP online certification schedule. Take care of the risks and of course, the stakeholders for this project including your family and boss.

There are many online resources and blogs that help the aspirants to smoothly sail through the PMP online certification process. After helping thousands of professionals in more than 180 countries to pass their certification exams, we have prepared a 7-step PMP study plan to crack the PMP exam in your first attempt. Go through this plan and create your own PMP online certification study plan.

Step #3: Online PMP Certification Training

As we have listed above, you must have attended and completed a 35 contact hours PMP certification training in order to be eligible for the PMP exam. There are three options for attending a PMP training. These are:

  • Self-paced and 100% Online PMP Certification Training: You can access these PMP online certification courses anytime and from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. The requirements to access the courses are mentioned by the training providers. Most of them are simple enough and don’t need any special installation, etc. The advantage of these PMP online certification courses is you can work on them at any time and from anywhere. You may do more in one day, less. It all depends on you.
  • Instructor-led Online PMP Certification Classes: These are similar to physical classroom sessions. The main difference is you are virtually attending them. These are conducted during specific time slots on specific days which you need to sign up and attend.
  • PMP Classroom Training Options: You can search for available PMP training providers in your location and find a suitable PMP course that fits your schedule. These are four or five-day intensive programs that will bring you a huge amount of information with an intensive program. Thus, it might be tough to digest this information in a short time.

If you are a full-time working professional, we recommend you to attend an online PMP certification training program. This will help you to complete your training at your pace and avoid commute.